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Thank goodness noone knows this little blog exists. I'm starting it because I'm trying to hold myself accountable - I love drawing, painting, making - it's what I do best, it's what makes me feel alive.

Do I do it though? I'll doodle off the telly, I'll sketch people in a cafe, but proper painting? ooh er!

I'm shy of posting on Insta - I dont want to waste peoples time. Obviously this is deeply flawed thinking! So here we are, a daily doodle - it might be a 5 minute sketch, actually it will be. To Get Me Going. And if you don't like it? Good job there's noone here!

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Scottish Portrait Awards 2021

I'm on the long list, hurrah! I'm very pleased because I entered at the last minute, and the trick for me was just to enter. I know that some very good painters work on their picture all year. I just


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